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The next generation of Shopify OS 2.0 theme launching soon. The World's #1 theme for SEO. Rank higher, drive more traffic, convert more. Enterprise level performance and design, at a fraction of the cost.
Engineered By Multi-Award-Winning Shopify SEO Experts, Built By Shopify Design & Development Wizards...
RankHigherTheme® has been designed and engineered by a multi-award-winning, International, Shopify SEO & Growth Agency called Integrity Commerce® which was established in 2010. Integrity Commerce® is the world's leading authority on Shopify SEO and work's with some of the world's largest 7 and 8-figure brands. This theme is the only theme in the world which fixes Shopify's technical SEO issues. Search on Google's Shopify SEO issues, best Shopify theme for SEO, Shopify SEO product filters, and Shopify migration experts' and you'll see our articles #1 all over the world on English-speaking search engines. Over the years, we have invested $100,000's on making sure this theme is the most technically advanced, algorithm-aligned Shopify theme in the world for SEO. With over 60+ SEO and conversion-boosting features, there simply won't be a more cost-effective theme on the market and it's launching soon!!!
rank higher, drive more traffic, convert more


    AAP stands for algorithm aligned platform. This theme has algorithm aligned, optimized code for all devices ensuring maximum performance on all versions of the search engines for desktop and mobile search.

    Responsive Tech

    This theme has 2 development sections for both desktop and mobile customizations. 
    This ensures the theme UX can be optimized for all devices no matter what mobile, desktop or tablet device you are accessing the internet from.

    Sub 1 Sec Page Load

    With Shopify OS 2.0 and our optimized HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files, this will be fastest Shopify theme on the market by far. Our themes have always had a page load under one second, but this will be our fastest theme ever.

    9+ Presets 

    1 theme, 9+ 'done for you' pre-sets for every Shopify industry classification. You will be able to choose 1 of 9+ fully optimized versions of our theme from our private theme store. All you'll have to do is add a few images.

      AAP® SEO Filters  

      The ONLY Shopify filter tech app in the world that unleashes 1000's more optimized, high converting landing pages in the search engines that no other company or tech can offer. Upgrade costs apply.

      Eliminate Duplication

      Our unique optimized canonical programming tool allows you completely eliminate meta data and sitewide content duplication issues that every other theme in the world has issues with.

      Structured Data

      Enrich and optimize your stores content for the search engines and social media platforms with advanced Structured Data Mark, Advanced Open Graph & Twitter Card Markup as standard.

      Save $3000+ p/y

      This theme will save you over $3000 per year on SEO and Conversion Boosting Apps. Ours is the only tech in the world that deals with the roots of Shopify's SEO issues, everything else is firefighting.
      There are so many more features to be announced...® by Integrity Commerce® | Copyright ©2010-2022 | All Rights Reserved